The PED-ER+ - Tracerco's popular personal dosimeter with extended dose rate range and connectivity

The PED-ER+ has an extended dose rate range of 1 Sv/h (100 R/h) and an energy range of 48 KeV to 3 MeV. This allows the user to measure radioisotopes which could not have been measured previously.  The PED-ER+ is a high quality Personal Dosimeter with the familiar lightweight, waterproof and compact housing that customers love, providing the perfect radiation monitoring solution for those working in challenging environments.

With a single button operation and an easy to follow menu, the PED-ER+ is built for simplicity and can be easily operated with minimal training. The PED-ER+ ensures staff members are notified immediately if a set dose rate is reached or exceeded when exposed to a radioactive material. Audio and visual alarms, and an effective vibrate function make sure the user is given sufficient warning should they need to leave.

The device can be charged with a universal micro USB connection which provides greater flexibility.  The included intuitive and interactive DoseVision software enhances functionality whilst being simple to use, requiring minimal training.

The PED-ER+ provides enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth technology. This allows for live dose rates to be transmitted to a mobile device or tablet located in a safe area, allowing for monitoring of situations in real time, away from a hazard. Additional GPS tracking provides location data alongside dose data.

The PED-ER+ is ideal for medical and life science applications. 

Intuitive and Powerful DoseVision software

The included simple and interactive DoseVision software enhances functionality with all of Tracerco's PED devices. DoseVision allows users to set alarm levels, create reports, and to assign users to the PED to download and analyze data. Akin to the operation of the PED range, DoseVision 'keeps things simple' and is intuitive for any user to use.

Some of the key features of the software include:

  • Visualise dose, dose rate, and accumulated dose data.
  • Ability to highlight peak dose rates.
  • Quick and simple task data viewer.
  • Seamlessly export your data and generate reports.
  • Management of PED users.
  • Password protection available to effectively manage data and alarm availability.
  • Keeps your device up to date with the latest firmware.
  • Free, regularly updates available.

The companion Android app 'DoseVision Live', allows the PED-ER+ to connect via Bluetooth to a mobile device. This enables users to monitor radiation doses of up to 7 PED+ devices in real time, with live status updates including peak rate, stay time, and battery life.


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