It has been identified that there is a requirement for the handling and interim storage of NORM contaminated tubing and materials arising from offshore oil activities.

The Tracerco™ T403 Radiation Contamination Monitor has been designed to meet the challenge of combining operational reliability under adverse conditions with excellent sensitivity and ruggedised construction.

The detector probe is attached to 10m of cable. This modification allows the monitor to be used to survey internal surface contamination levels on pipes and drains up to 10m away from the body of the monitor. The T403 is supplied with an extension pole kit capable of securely deploying the detector probe during monitoring operations. The kit comprises 11 lengths of flexible polypropylene tubing and an inter-connector capable of linking the detector assembly to the extension pole.

  • Detects alpha / beta radiation (particularly sensitive for Pb-210 / Ra-226 and other NORM nuclides).

  • Dual bar graph meter display: 0-1000cps.

  • Digital numeric display provides optional automatic direct translation to Bq/cm2 for pre-programmed nuclides (natural and man-made) including Pb-210 and Ra-226

  • Detachable radiation probe with 10 metres of extendable cable

  • Probe stepwise rotatable through 90° for internal surface measurements.

  • Backlight facility.

  • Audible response with adjustable alarm thresholds.

  • Ruggedised nylon 6/6 construction and modular integrated electronics provide an all-weather instrument with minimal servicing and maintenance costs.


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Tracerco T403 Radiation Contamination Monitor 
  • Tracerco T403 Radiation Contamination Monitor