The innovative, flexible and compliant flow-through radio-HPLC detector.

LabLogic's innovative Flow-RAM radio-HPLC detector for PET/SPECT is designed to meet the ever increasing demands of the modern laboratory.

Flexible radio-HPLC system

The Flow-RAM radio-HPLC system is available not only as a single radio-HPLC detector but also as a dual instrument, allowing for different parameters to be set for each of the detectors while saving valuable bench space.

With a wide range of detectors suitable for both low and high levels of radioactivity, the Flow-RAM radio HPLC system is an ideal quality control and research instrument.

radio-HPLC detector compliant with regulatory requirements

As with all LabLogic products, the Flow-RAM radio-HPLC detector has been designed to exceed regulatory requirements. Features such as a single power button, coupled with the industry standard Laura for PET QC software offers users the ultimate in compliance.

Controlled by Laura for PET

Flow-RAM control, digital data collection, analysis and reporting can be controlled by Laura for PET, the industry standard SPECT / PET radiochromatography software developed by LabLogic.

To talk about your requirements, get in touch with us now. You can also request a quote or a free demonstration of the Flow-RAM radio HPLC system.

Custom-Made Lead Shielding

In order to minimize background interference LabLogic provides a range of lead shielding to meet different requirements.

Single Power Button

The single power button and full software control allows only users with an appropriate access level to make changes to the operating parameters.A full audit trail of these changes is recorded.

Intelligent Front End Display

Users are able to view instrument parameters and performance at a glance.

Single USB Connection

Operating parameters such as high voltage, upper and lower level discriminators as well as power supply and data transfer are all achieved through a single USB connection.

Built-in Analog to Digital Converter

This feature coverts analog signals from other detectors such as UV, ECD, etc., into digital for use within Laura for PET. Bringing all signals into one place.

A Range of Detectors

Suitable for PET, SPECT and High Energy Beta radionuclides across a range of radioactivity levels.

Built-in Analog Output

Users can take an analog signal into any third party software.

Industry Leading Radio HPLC Detector Software

Flow-RAM control, digital data collection, analysis and reporting. All achieved using the industry standard radiochromatography software data system Laura for PET.

Laura for PET has been the recognised industry standard software for radiochromatography for more than 20 years. The latest evolution of Laura for PET features control of many of the world's leading radio HPLC and radio detector systems to provide a single point of control for the entire radiochromatography analysis

Laura for PET also features:

  • Half-life correction.
  • Seamless interface with PETra™.
  • Scalable solution from stand-alone to enterprise level.
  • GLP and 21 CFR part 11 compliance options.
  • Automatic peak finder.
  • Document management system.
  • Unique summary table function for data comparison.
  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools.

What is the difference between Flow-RAM and Dual Flow-RAM?

The single system is a single radio-HPLC detector. The dual instrument, is two radio-HPLC detectors in one box, each working independently of each other, yet simultaneously.

Why would I choose a Dual Flow-RAM?

The reasons when you would chose a Dual Flow-RAM would be if you wanted to minimize space used by the radio HPLC detectors, and save money when investing in the instrument. For most customers, the Single Flow-RAM meets the requirements.

What happens if a component stops working In the Dual Scan-RAM?

The electronics in the Dual Scan-RAM are separate for radio-TLC and radio-HPLC. In the unlikely event that one set of electronics develops a fault, the use of the radio-HPLC, or radio-TLC depending upon what happens, would not be affected.

Which radio HPLC systems is the Flow-RAM compatible with?

The Flow-RAM is compatible with all commercially available radio HPLC systems

Can I take the signal from other detectors into Laura and via Flow-RAM?

Yes you can. The Flow-RAM has a built in A-D converter and as such accommodates signals from a range of other detectors such as UV, RID, ECD etc.

Flow-RAM Radio HPLC Detector System testimonials 

Using the tabs below, hear what LabLogic customers have to say about the Flow-RAM radio HPLC detector, often coupled with Laura for PET.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA

One of the largest cancer centers in the world chose LabLogic for a comprehensive list of PET laboratory products including three Scan-RAM's, two Flow-RAM's and one Posi-RAM for preclinical research and development. Read more here.

Grenoble Hospital, France

The hospital has a Flow-RAM HPLC detector coupled with Laura for PET, used for quality control of labelled PET molecules after HPLC separation. Read more here.

Imperial College London, UK

The Flow-RAM has been installed at the Faculty of Medicine's Comprehensive Cancer Imaging Center where it is used for quality checks of radiopharmaceuticals. Read more here.


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