Quality System

"...LabLogic's quality system is clearly defined and documented, with excellent records kept..." ISOQAR

  • Clearly defined quality procedures, supporting quality forms and documents
  • Declared method of working to ensure guaranteed quality of goods and services
  • Management actively supportive of training initiatives
  • Commitment to change and improvement through programme of internal audit
  • Staff dedicated to maintaining high quality standards
  • System open to examination and input from customers, informally or formally via vendor audits
  • External monitoring by ISOQAR for continued registration to satisfy the international ISO 9001 regulations

"...an excellent quality system and commitment from the staff to making it work..." ISOQAR

Effective and efficient internal auditing is at the heart of the quality system. We regularly check whether the quality system is working and highlight any defects. Possible improvements and potential problems are identified and discussed, and there is a check that both previously identified problems have been corrected, and improvements implemented.

We keep abreast of changing standards and regulations. We are required to satisfy an external assessor that our procedures are adequate. We are subject to annual reviews and triennial re-assessment by ISOQAR in order to retain Crown and Tick, and ANAB certification. Feedback from continuing assessment has been extremely positive since our initial registration in Feb 1998.

The staff is committed to operating an effective quality system, alert to the need for modification, and actively involved in its evolution to meet the challenges of changing organizational goals and customer needs, but we also welcome your input to make sure that it continues to be relevant and correct.

Your needs are our concerns, we listen. We have experienced successful vendor audits by world leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies from Europe and the US. We are sensitive to, and respond to, all forms of customer feedback and amend our procedures accordingly.