ScintLogic U

Our most popular static multipurpose cocktail - accepts a wide range of sample types at 1:1 ratios.

ScintLogic U is a multipurpose scintillation cocktail which has drawn upon advances in scintillation fluid chemistry to create an ultra low viscosity cocktail. ScintLogic U accepts a wide range of samples at a 1:1 ratio, even difficult samples such as 0.1N NaOH mix rapidly to yield a clear, nonviscous emulsion, providing high counting efficiency (25% 3H efficiency at 1:1 cocktail/sample).

Code Product Quantity
SG-BXX-24 ScintLogic U 4 L
SG-BXX-01 ScintLogic U 4 x 4 L
SG-BXX-14 ScintLogic U 20 L Drum

ScintLogic E

An economical non-gelling safe scintillation cocktail for aqueous samples

ScintLogic E was recently developed to be a non-gelling replacement for gel forming cocktails, both safe and non-flammable. This allows the dissolution of aqueous solutions to at least 2.5ml per 10ml without gels or thick liquids. ScintLogic E accepts a wide range of concentrations and ionic strengths. Providing the solution is clear it will be stable.

Code Product Quantitiy
SZ-BXX-03 ScintLogic E 2 x 5 L

ScintLogic HC

Perfect for high counting efficiency of low - medium strength ionic solutions

ScintLogic HC is a safe scintillation cocktail for aqueous samples with a high efficiency. ScintLogic HC has a high counting efficiency for low to medium ionic strength aqueous solutions, including saline.

Sample uptake is up to 3ml per 10ml ScintLogic HC. Many biological solutions can be counted without pre-treatment, including albumin and serum.

Tissue solubilisers and other alkaline solutions will not cause chemiluminescence with ScintLogic HC.

Code Product Quantitiy
SZ-BXX-01 ScintLogic HC 2 x 5 L

ScintLogic LW

The highest efficiency biodegradable cocktail available

ScintLogic LW is the highest efficiency, low toxicity biodegradable scintillation cocktail available.

It is specifically designed to provide the maximum counting efficiency for aqueous sample volumes under 10% of the total liquid scintillation volume. Furthermore, ScintLogic LW is highly resistant to photoluminescence and chemiluminescence, which is very important when counting biological samples or acrylamide gel slices.

Code Product Quantitiy
SG-BXX-27 ScintLogic LW 4 L
SG-BXX-04 ScintLogic LW 4 x 4 L
SG-BXX-16 ScintLogic LW 20 L Drum

ScintLogic MM

High sample acceptance capacity and temperature stability gives you a flexible yet affordable static cocktail

ScintLogic MM has a high counting efficiency and high sample hold capacity. The high sample uptake, 5ml sample per 10ml of cocktail, makes ScintLogic MM the ideal choice for economical counting using LabLogic’s range of 7ml Mini vials. ScintLogic MM is stable over a wide temperature range, thus avoiding false results due to sample separation in cooled counters.

Code Product Quantitiy
SG-BXX-02 ScintLogic MM 2 x 5 L

ScintLogic X

A safe cocktail with high performance for non-aqueous samples

ScintLogic X is designed for use with non-aqueous samples. ScintLogic X is biodegradable, and because of its high flash point and low toxicity, ScintLogic X represents a substantial improvement in safety over conventional cocktails. Additionally, ScintLogic X exhibits improved quench resistance and lower background counts compared to non-biodegradable solutions.

Code Product Quantitiy
SG-BXX-26 ScintLogic X 4 L
SG-BXX-03 ScintLogic X 4 x 4 L
SG-BXX-15 ScintLogic X 20 L Drum

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