Two series of fixed volume cells are available. They are constructed of coils wound around a mandrel, or U's shaped around a grooved finger, and they are made of either plastic (FC) or stainless steel (PC) tubing. Cell volumes from 10 µL to about 250 µL are customized to the user's requirements. The inlet and outlet tubing is brought into the detector well through a heavy cylindrical lead sheath to minimize the effects of extraneous decay events outside the measurement zone.

Cells of Teflon or Peek enable simple and rapid tubing replacement when contamination is encountered. They are of particular interest when large amounts of relatively low energy isotopes are being examined, most often in a preparative situation. The use of fixed volume cells assures day-to-day volume reproducibility, there being no chance that the effective cell might be inadvertently changed.

Stainless steel chromatography tubing is also formed into coils or U's for fixed volume cells. Favored for high-energy emitters including the annihilation radiation derived from positron particle decay or when very high levels of activity are encountered, these cells are consciously used when count rates are so high as to tax the overall system. Should there be contamination, the coil or U can be replaced, but not as readily as would be Teflon or Peek.


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