Admixing an HPLC column eluate with liquid scintillator prior to measurement remains the preferred method of continuous-flow counting. Efficiencies, especially for the least energetic isotopes such as 3H, are generally the highest and backgrounds lowest; cell contamination is rarely a problem and the cost of these liquid cells is least. Cells for this purpose are normally made by forming Teflon tubing into U's or flat coils. With our cell design, the inlet and outlet tubings are extensions of the U or coil brought through the faceplate thereby eliminating internal connections and possible sites for leakage.

Teflon chromatography tubing is chosen for its inertness coupled with its transparency to the 350-450 nanometer emission of the best liquid scintillators. Depending upon cell volume, either 1/16" or 1/8" o.d. tubing is used in order to accommodate to the conventional stainless steel, Peek, and other plastic fittings used by HPLC manufacturers. The cell holder itself is designed to contain the cell and also to provide a reflector to maximize photon collection.

Liquid scintillator
10 - 2500 µL, 120 psi [8 bar] max pressure

Micro liquid scintillator
2 - 100 µL, 500 psi [33 bar] max pressure

High pressure liquid scintillator
10 - 600 µl, 800 psi [55 bar] max pressure

Order Number Description Volume (ul) Window Diameter Maximum Pressure Tube Size
DI-BXX-36 Liquid Scintillator 25-200 3/4" 500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-37 Liquid Scintillator 201-400 7/8" 500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-38 Liquid Scintillator 401-500 1-1/8" 500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-05 Liquid Scintillator 501-750 7/8" 200 psi 1/8"
DI-BXX-07 Liquid Scintillator 751-2500 1-1/8" 50 psi 1/8"
DI-BXX-39 Micro Flow,
Liquid Scintillator (LDVi)
2-75 3/4" 1500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-40 Micro Flow,
Liquid Scintillator (LDVi)
76-125 7/8" 1500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-41 Micro Flow,
Liquid Scintillator (LDV)
126-200 1-1/8" 1500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-06 High Pressure Liquid Scintillator 200-600 1-1/8" 800 psi 1/8"
DI-BXX-08 High Energy Beta with
scintillating plastic windows
10-500 1-1/8" 500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-16 Soft Gamma with
Sodium Iodide windows
10-200 1" 500 psi 1/16"
DI-BXX-15 Medium Gamma with
BGO windows
10-200 1-1/8" 500 psi 1/16"


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