Industry Standard Software Supporting Whole Body Autoradiography Image Analysis

In late 1997 LabLogic purchased the copyright to the Seescan Whole Body Section Autoradiography analysis software which has become the industry standard. The software provides an intuitive, user-friendly and comprehensive method for the analysis of Whole Body Section Autoradiographs. The program runs under Windows 7 and supports imaging file formats from Molecular Dynamics, Fuji, Biospace, and Cyclone Phosphor Imaging Systems.


Measurements can be taken by framing the region of interest with a variety of drawing tools. These include circular, rectangular or user drawn frames of variable size. Selected areas can be defined by using grey level thresholds. The image may also be zoomed and contrast enhanced to allow accurate analysis of small or poorly defined tissues. For each measurement, the region area, the raw/calibrated result and the measurement reliability (% error) are stored.


Results can either be displayed individually or as a mean for the tissue being measured. Individual results can be cross-referenced with the region they were obtained from by simply clicking on the measurement - the image appears with the measured region highlighted. All data can be reviewed and transferred to other Microsoft Office applications.


The software has been designed for use at two levels, supervisor and user, both password controlled. The supervisor has the ability to; access all studies, set up and delete users, and restrict access to studies and software. Only users defined in the protocol have access to the study. All data entered, including the protocol, are time, date, and user stamped. If any data is altered or excluded, the user is forced to enter a reason which is stored with the data in the study audit trail. All data for each study are stored in an encoded study file.

  • Whole Body Autoradiography (WBA) Image Analysis software
  • Supports all the industry standard manufacturers - Fuji, Molecular Dynamics, Biospace and Packard
  • Digital interface with Debra ADME LIMS. 'Quantitative' data via user configurable calibration module
  • Powerful reporting via Document Management System
  • Full GLP compliance including 21 CFR 11


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  • Seescan