The isolation of metabolites and residues from biological matrices can be a long and complex process. Keeping track of the extraction systems used and the calculations necessary to determine the concentration of each component in the extraction system presents a number of problems. The Trace system, which is available as a standalone package or fully integrated into Debra, has been designed to address these problems.


Automatic data collection, whilst probably saving little time, assures accurate collection and assignment of the data to the correct sample, thereby reducing possible errors. The ability to obtain immediate calculations on any part of the extraction scheme, raw data sheets throughout the scheme and even having the ability to export the extraction schemes in diagrammatic form to a Word document, saves considerable time in the preparation of the final report. With significant time savings in the area of QA auditing final reports as the system contains a full audit trail on all changes.

Fast QA Turnaround

  • Easy tracking of process and results.
  • Fully validated, GLP system
  • Everything audited

Standardized Procedures

In addition to the obvious saving of resources there are also other intangible benefits to be gained such as the use of standardized algorithms and the establishment of a consistent, though flexible, approach to studies. Trace gives the user the benefit of online capture, constant study status, easy reporting, totally configurable multilevel user access with password protection and fast QA turnaround.

No more spreadsheets with their associated transcription errors and repeated QC checks !

Process Management

Trace allows even the most complex extraction pathways to be tracked and completed, including the ability to :

  • Split samples in order to take a proportion of a sample forward to the next step
  • Create multiple “child” samples from a parent
  • Pool or combine fractions/samples along the way.

Integrated Calculations

Monitors the progress for the study and is able to determine the origin of each sample

Determination of the relationship of each sample to the original material analyzed (recovery and concentration)

Continuous update of calculations and easy access to results

All steps to the calculated results can be viewed to enable easy QC check

Direct Instrument Interface

To achieve the goals of productivity and GLP confidence, Trace avoids transcription errors by capturing raw data either directly from the instrument or via sample result data files from analytical instrumentation systems. There is no transcription necessary. Seamless communication is provided to and from the instrument software. A wide variety of models and versions of Balances and LSC are handled with instrument specific interfaces.


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