Trace 2

9 August 2000

The isolation of metabolites and residues from biological matrices can be a long and complex process.

Keeping track of the extraction systems used and the calculations necessary to determine the concentration of each component in the extraction system presents a number of problems.

LabLogic are pleased to announce the release of Trace 2.

Trace 2 has been designed over a number of years to address the aforementioned problems and with Trace 1 being in constant use for over 3 years.

Working in a 32-bit environment of Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, Trace 2.0 is a client\server application which uses the Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

The key areas of benefit arising from the use of the Trace system are:

  • Monitoring the progress of the study and being able to determine the origin of each sample (sample tracking).
  • Determination of the relationship of each sample to the original material analysed (recovery and concentration).
  • Continuous update of calculations and easy access to the results.
  • Automatic data collection from balances and LSC counters.
  • Rapid and accurate data reporting.
  • Reduction in time in auditing final reports.

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