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Certara partners With LabLogic Systems to facilitate faster drug discovery analyses

10 December 2013

Customers can now import ADME and protein-binding data directly from Debra to Phoenix

Certara™, a leading provider of software and scientific consulting services to improve productivity and decision-making from drug discovery through drug development, has announced that it has partnered with LabLogic Systems to integrate Certara’s Phoenix® WinNonlin® pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling and non-compartmental analysis product with LabLogic’s Debra™ Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Debra is used to manage data from absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) and protein-binding studies. The resulting solution, allows customers who are using Debra 6 as their LIMS for drug metabolism studies, to push their data directly into Phoenix WinNonlin.

Using the new Hidex Sense Microplate Reader to detect metal ions

19 November 2013

Brookhaven National Laboratory, a multi-purpose research institution with close links to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, has recently been evaluating the Hidex Sense Microplate Reader’s ability to detect metal ions such as Cu, Ni, Co, Zn and Fe.

Tracerco radiation monitors - a range of instruments to meet the challenge of monitoring large facilities

13 November 2013

The Tracerco range of monitors is proving extremely useful for RPO’s who are responsible for providing coverage of large sites with a range of differing requirements, such as academic institutions. LabLogic work closely with a number of universities throughout the UK providing radiation monitoring solutions and in many cases recommend the Tracerco range.

Providing reliable protection in the world of great art

30 October 2013

LabLogic recently supplied a Tracerco T406 X-ray Radiation Monitor to the Hamilton Kerr Institute, part of the University of Cambridge.

The Hidex Triathler from LabLogic. Fast, accurate results on the spot.

4 September 2013

The Hidex Triathler is a single sample counter which provides fast and accurate results on the spot. Suitable for a range of applications from life science research to environmental monitoring it is equally at home as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory or out on-site.

QPS implements DEBRA LIMS for Radiolabelled Metabolism Studies

20 August 2013

QPS a leading preclinical and clinical CRO, has now fully validated LabLogic Debra version 6.0.6 for use in radiolabelled metabolism studies. An earlier version was implemented in 2010 to support discovery stage radiolabel ADME studies. The implementation of Debra LIMS coupled with the recent addition of a high resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS) ensures rapid integration of radioactivity data from mass balance excretion and/or quantitative whole-body autoradiography (QWBA) studies with metabolite identification and radio-quantitation to shorten timelines in support of preclinical and human mass balance studies.

LabLogic's Scan-RAM helps simplify labelled radiopharmaceutical production at New Cross Hospital

6 August 2013

The Scan-RAM is proving to be an indispensable instrument for hospital radiopharmacy departments throughout the NHS.

Wilma takes to the stage at ACE13

7 June 2013

LabLogic will be exhibiting for the first time at the AWWA's 132nd Annual Conference & Exposition, in Denver, Colorado from the 9th – 13th June 2013.

Debra 6.1 set to make its debut at the SETAC Europe show in Glasgow

3 May 2013

LabLogic’s latest addition to the Debra platform will be on show at the forthcoming Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC Europe), 23rd Annual Meeting in Glasgow from 12th – 16th May 2013.

Experimental Biology 2013

22 April 2013

LabLogic are currently exhibiting at Experimental Biology 2013 which is taking place at the Boston Convention & Exposition Center, from the 21st - 23rd April 2013.

BNMS 2013

19 April 2013

LabLogic will be exhibiting jointly with Southern Scientific at the forthcoming British Nuclear Medicine Society 41st Annual Scientific Meeting which is due to take place in Brighton from the 22nd - 24th April 2013.


16 April 2013

LabLogic will be exhibiting a range of products for research applications at the forthcoming New England Drug Metabolism Discussion Group and ISSX Workshop which is due to take place in Cambridge, USA from the 17th - 19th April 2013.

ISO 9001 is awarded to LabLogic, Inc.

12 April 2013

ISO 9001, the internationally recognised standard for the quality management of businesses has recently been awarded to LabLogic, Inc.

NuklearMedizin 2013

10 April 2013

LabLogic will be exhibiting a range of products for PET/SPECT applications at the forthcoming 51st Annual Meeting of the German Society of Nuclear Medicine (DGN) which is due to take place in Bremen, Germany from the 17th - 20th April 2013.

It's all about chemistry

4 April 2013

LabLogic will be attending the 245th Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society’'s Exposition in New Orleans between the 7th and 9th April 2013.

Supporting PET in Scandinavia

19 March 2013

PET specialists from across Scandinavia and beyond will be gathering in Sweden later this week for the region's annual radiochemistry meeting.

Introducing the brand new Hidex Sense Microplate Reader

11 February 2013

Hidex, the producers of the Chameleon V plate reader and the 300 SL Liquid Scintillation Counter, have been hard at work creating a revolutionary design for their next-generation plate reader: the Hidex Sense.

That winning feeling...

8 February 2013

It was a very successful evening for LabLogic at the recent Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Promising first year for Debra 6

17 January 2013

One year on since the launch of Debra 6, LabLogic are pleased to report that 3 sites have upgraded to the latest release with another brand new customer and several additional sites currently evaluating the system with a view to upgrading early this year.

Whatever your discipline, there is a liquid scintillation counter in the 300 SL range to suit every need

8 January 2013

Working in life science research, radiochemistry or radiation protection? Then the standard model 300 SL is the perfect solution. Compact, lightweight and easily integrated into small laboratories this model offers optimum counting efficiency of samples without any external or internal standard source of radioactivity.

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