Its LabLogic's Birthday !

18 May 2001

Founded on 2nd May 1980 with just 2 members of staff LabLogic originally supplied the Termitester for RS232 diagnosis.

A co-operation with Raytest (Germany) enabled LabLogic to concentrate on its specialist area Laboratory Instrumentation and became the UK supplier for the Rita Radio TLC and Ramona Radio HPLC Detectors.

After the closure of Raytest, LabLogic formed a new partnership with IN/US Systems Ltd and became the UK and European supplier of the ß-RAM Radio HPLC Detector, whilst providing RaChel Windows software for IN/US to supply to the US market and later LabChrom and Laura confirmed the relationship.

As the instrument department grew other co-operations were also formed with Bioscan, Sapidyne and recently Biospace instruments.

The growth of the instrument department was quickly followed by the growth of LabLogic’s Debra software system – written by the increasing number of software developers.

Following the birth of Debra in 1984 and subsequent development, 1990 saw the release of LabLogic’s first generic system Debra Version 4 which rapidly became the industry standard for ADME studies.

This allowed LabLogic to export systems and now 60% of LabLogic sales are overseas.

The strength of LabLogic’s products and success over the years comes not only from our in depth knowledge of the experimental work involved in the ever changing world of research and development but also from the close bonds and relationships with our hundreds of customers.

The LabLogic team would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support and loyalty over the last 21 years.

LabLogic will be hosting a party for original clients, suppliers and employees, past and present.

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