New Addition to the LabLogic Team

8 April 2002

Lablogic are pleased to announce that Huw Loaring, Ph.D. has re-joined LabLogic as Product Manager.

Dr. Loaring was previously working at InnaPhase where he was responsible for European Sales and Support of the Watson LIMS.

Prior to this he worked at a UK Contract Research Organisation and was involved in the validation and implementation of a number of LabLogic's systems.

During this time, Dr. Loaring has developed a keen understanding of the software requirements of DMPK groups within the pharmaceutical industry.

In his new role, Huw will be responsible for the management of software implementations and the continued improvement of existing product releases, as well as the harmonisation of LabLogic's product lines to form an integrated solution for ADME laboratories.

Dr. Loaring received his Ph.D. in Organic Synthesis and BSc. in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in the UK.

LabLogic have always valued feedback from users and endeavour to provide excellent support.

Huw's appointment reinforces this and will further improve the link between LabLogic and our customers.

To contact Huw please email

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