Announcing the 2003 Radiochromatography User Group

5 February 2003

‘Applications in Metabolite Profiling’

LabLogic are thrilled to announce the details for the 2003 Radiochromatography User Group.

To be held on 2nd and 3rd April at the Rutland Hotel and Conference Centre in Sheffield, UK.

The meeting is a great opportunity for our customers and drug metabolism scientists from around Europe to meet and share their experiences with each other and the LabLogic team.

Preliminary Schedule: A welcome buffet will be held on the evening of 1st April, breakfast*, lunch and diner will be provided for delegates on 2nd April together with an evening of entertainment, breakfast* and lunch will also be provided on 3rd April.

This years topics include:

Regulatory Guidelines 21 CFR 11 and implications in the metabolism laboratory

Method Development and New Technology

LC-ARC System

Sensitivity issues for radio-HPLC… a problem solved?

Homogeneous or heterogeneous HPLC flow detection?

Thin layer chromatography and use in metabolite profiling

Digital autoradiography for radio-TLC analysis

Instrument calibration considerations

ADME method optimisation

The use of dual-labelled compounds for ADME

When is a peak not a peak – background considerations for radiochromatography

Short presentations

A series of short presentations from leading Pharmaceutical and CRO organisations

User feedback forum – future developments

Presentations and Posters - This is your meeting and the key to success is the contributions from you - we welcome presentations and posters.

For an application form or to offer a presentation or poster please contact Helen Lyon email:

We look forward to seeing you in Sheffield

* Breakfast is provided for delegates staying overnight at the hotel

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