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Autoradiography analysis software cuts user's WBS costs

22 November 2007

One of the longest-standing users of LabLogic's Seescan software for Whole Body Section (WBS) autoradiography analysis anticipates savings of up to 1.5 man day equivalents per study after installing the latest version of the program.

Debra times six for Sanofi-Aventis ADME research

8 November 2007

Sanofi-Aventis has adopted LabLogic's Debra LIMS for non-clinical ADME studies across all six of its R&D locations in Europe and North America."

Trade-in your old radio-detector for the new, market leading β-RAM 4

1 November 2007

Until the end of 2007 radiochromatographers can trade in their existing radio-detector for the new IN/US β-RAM 4 from LabLogic Systems at an attractive price.

Gamma HPLC detector measures up - day in, day out

29 October 2007

A Gamma-RAM radio-HPLC detector controlled by LabLogic's Laura chromatography data capture and analysis software is giving long-term dependable results at Imperial College's Hammersmith Hospital Campus in London.

UCB chooses LabLogic software for Brussels R&D centre

9 October 2007

UCB is the latest pharmaceutical company to invest in software for drug metabolism studies from LabLogic Systems.

Radiochromatography specialists at ISSX meeting

21 September 2007

Two of the leading names in bio-medical research software and instrumentation are joining forces at the 8th meeting of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (ISSX), to be held in Sendai, Japan from 9 to 12 October 2007.

New chromatography software can handle more than ever

13 September 2007

A solution to a common problem with e-signatures and more licensing options for evaluation copies are among the headline features of Laura 4

LabLogic buys RC detector manufacturer IN/US

5 September 2007

LabLogic Systems has acquired IN/US Systems Inc

Vendor validation gets software up and running faster

14 August 2007

Validating the latest version of a software system can cost an organisation a considerable amount of staff time. LabLogic's validation services are designed to achieve implementation smoothly and in the quickest possible time.

Radio HPLC survey reveals move to liquid flow cells

8 August 2007

Information released by LabLogic Systems shows a rapidly growing preference for liquid rather than solid flow cells amongst radio HPLC users working on drug metabolism studies.

Company's success is Made In Sheffield

8 August 2007

Broomhill-based LabLogic Systems has joined the ranks of companies allowed to display the 'Made In Sheffield' mark on their products.

Can Off The Shelf be On Target?

23 July 2007

Huw Loaring, systems director of LabLogic Systems, considers how far a 'Commercial Off-The-Shelf' LIMS can live up to its promises.

Users have a say in chromatography software development

10 July 2007

LabLogic Systems has created an international Scientific Advisory Committee to contribute to the ongoing development of Laura, its chromatography data collection and analysis system.

Free offer gives buyers full counter and monitor package

26 June 2007

Until the end of July, LabLogic Systems is offering a free Geiger Muller radiation contamination monitor and source calibration certificate with all orders for its Triathler portable LSC / luminometer / gamma counter.

New stop flow system takes peak detection to the limit

31 May 2007

A free brochure from LabLogic Systems explains how the company's new SoFie stop flow system achieves the lowest Limits of Detection for radiochemical measurement of low-level samples

User meeting will share radiochromatography insights

18 May 2007

LabLogic Systems' 2007 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group Meeting (Sheffield UK, 6-7 June) will give a wide-ranging overview of the latest tools for ADME research and flow-through radiochemical detection.

TLC scanner is more accurate than 'cut and count'

20 April 2007

A UK healthcare organisation has found that its Miniscan TLC scanner is even more useful than it originally expected.

Battelle single-sources hot and cold chromatography analysis

12 April 2007

The new calibration option in Laura, LabLogic's chromatography data system, has simplified data handling and instrument control at Battelle UK's agrochemical product development laboratory in Ongar, Essex.

New radiochemical enhancement captures low level peaks

16 March 2007

New hardware and software from LabLogic Systems make it possible for chemists working in drug metabolism to achieve detection results up to ten times better than conventional LC flow-through methods.

Chromatography data system runs 'hot' and 'cold'

9 March 2007

The ability to calibrate known standards for UV/Vis and diode array detectors is the latest feature to be added to Laura, LabLogic's industry-leading chromatography data collection and analysis system.

Acquisition improves service for LSC consumables

28 February 2007

Flow-through radiochemical detection specialist LabLogic Systems has acquired the business of Permandec, a UK-based distributor of scintillation cocktails.

'Pick 'n' mix' log-in options are simple and secure

15 February 2007

LabLogic Systems has introduced an LDAP-compliant feature into all of its LIMS and chromatography software to give users a wide choice of log-in procedures without prejudicing security.

Microplate reader can be just the way you want it

2 February 2007

Purchasers of the Plate Chameleon V microplate reader from LabLogic Systems can chose a version of the instrument that exactly meets their needs.

New guide to radiation monitors

29 January 2007

LabLogic Systems has published a new 'at-a-glance' guide to its radiation contamination monitors for detecting radioisotopes commonly used in research laboratories.

LabLogic 2007 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group

17 January 2007

We are pleased to confirm the dates and location for our 2007 LIMS and Radiochromatography User Group. The event will be held at Marriott Hotel, Sheffield, on the 6th and 7th June 2007.

Compact in vivo small animal scintigraphy system

16 January 2007

LabLogic Systems is offering a compact, benchtop camera suitable for in vivo scintigraphy of rodents and other small animals at a fraction of the cost of larger systems.

New LIMS release gives users more options

8 January 2007

Debra 5.6.3, the latest release of LabLogic's drug metabolism LIMS, incorporates more than 170 improvements and new options - the outcome of more than three man years of development.

Local, fast kinetics with PET tracers

3 January 2007

The BioSpace Beta MicroProbe from LabLogic Systems is a unique optical fibre tool for measuring the kinetics of beta-labelled molecules on anaesthetized animals.

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