Radiochromatography User Group 2003 Overview

15 April 2003

Agenda in Brief

Welcome buffet

Days Seminar

Cave Tour + Champagne Reception

Days Seminar

Topics Covered

When is a Peak not a Peak

The LC-ARC Stop-Flow System for High Sensitivity Detection of Radiolabelled Metabolites, Pfizer USA

LC-ARC Demonstration, Sheffield University

Automated Calibration of Successive Radio-HPLC Runs, IN/US Systems, USA

21 CFR 11 & LabLogic Systems

Solubilisation v’s Oxidation, Covance, UK

A Discussion of Off-Line Counting Techniques, Pfizer, UK

Applications of Radio TLC in Metabolism Studies, Syngenta, UK

Dual Labelling Studies in ADME, Astra Zeneca, UK

Metabolites in Safety Testing, Covance, UK

LabLogic wishes to thank all those who participated in making the Radiochromatography User Group an outstanding success. The local news coverage of the champagne reception down the Peak Cavern (Devils A***) was screened on Look North on Thursday 3rd April 2003. Many of you who were a bit camera shy will be pleased to know the footage was dominated by candles, champagne, music and food!

Comments from Delegates

‘The users meeting was excellent, well planned, scientifically focused and a lot of fun’

‘Thanks very much for the meeting last week - I thought it was excellent’

‘Thank you very much for the wonderful time at the Users Group Meeting… We enjoyed ourselves immensely and loved meeting everyone at LabLogic and the other participants at the Users Group Meeting’

‘Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the Meeting… I found it very useful talking to other end-users and the whole event was very friendly’

‘It was wonderful being able to meet all of you, I don't think that I have ever felt so welcomed, so quickly by a group of people as I felt at LabLogic’

‘I would like to thank Simon for chairing the meeting to a very high standard, ensuring the pace was good and that the discussions flowed well’

Click here to see pictures from the meeting

If there are any suggestions for topics to be covered at the next Radiochromatography User Group please contact

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