Research Collaboration with the University of Sheffield

3 September 2003

LabLogic are pleased to announce a research collaboration with the University of Sheffield Department of Animal and Plant Science.

As part of a major BBSRC-sponsored project we will be sponsoring a PhD studentship at the University.

The project aims to investigate metabolism in plants at the cellular level, using 14C and 3H -labelled metabolites.

In addition to sponsoring the student we will be part-funding a Micro-Imager microautoradiography system, which will enable rapid high-resolution imaging of radiolabelled metabolites in plant tissue sections. The system will provide key data for the project and it is hoped that the images and data produced will generate increased interest in the system from plant scientists worldwide.

The student will be under joint supervision with Professor Paul Quick, whose research is focused on plant carbohydrate metabolism, with a specific interest in photosynthesis. In recent years Professor Quick’s group have published over 15 papers in this area, with several key investigations into the biochemical and molecular basis of plant responses to their environment. Further investigations have looked at how these responses are signalled within the plant, and the subsequent effects on both cellular metabolism and plant development.

In the past 2-3 years the group have employed new technologies (micro-array and mass spectrometry) to widen their understanding of the regulation of plant processes. “We hope that the Micro Imager will be a valuable addition to their facilities and will generate increased interest in this new technology from scientists in the plant science area”, Dave Johnson, LabLogic Systems Ltd.

As Professor Paul Quick explains “This collaboration with LabLogic provides an exciting opportunity to apply new imaging technologies to plant science that will hopefully lead to new scientific breakthroughs in this area. Funding from the BBSRC recognises the international importance and relevance of this work”

For further information about the collaboration or the Micro-Imager microautoradiography system please contact Cheryl Thomson email:

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