New Features in Laura 3.2

11 February 2004

Database Only Module:

Now features the facility to store the data collected from the instrument in the Oracle or MSDE database.

This not only provides more secure data storage but also allows DBAs to use sophisticated query tools to extract data for more flexible use of data.

The Database Only mode also allows for project level access control and a link to LabLogic’s DEBRA LIMS system for ADME studies.

Agilent 1100 HPLC Control Module:

Allows for control for pumps, autosampler, column switching, column oven and UV detector.

The new module in Laura 3.2 gives you control in a very easy to use format using Laura's simple Method wizard - you not only control the radio detector but also the entire HPLC system. From a data integrity point of view this seamless link between control and data collection for the entire system offers unique advantages for electronic data control. This development has been driven by feedback from our 2003 Radiochromatography User Group, and shows that we are continuing to respond to our customers’ requirements.

Standard features in Laura 3 include:

Powerful report designing tools

Versatile region labelling function

Easy to mark regions of interest with use of colour for easy region identification

Simple to create sample tables

Effective copy and paste into Word, Excel and PowerPoint for presentations etc

FDA 21 cfr Part 11 compliance

GLP compliance

For more information, or a full demonstration, please contact our Laura 3.2 product specialist, Keith Hall (e-mail:

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