Quality Control Package for the Radiopharmacy/Nuclear Medicine Departments

8 April 2004

With recent changes in the regulations governing use and quality control of unlicensed material in Nuclear Medicine departments, we foresee that there may be increased demand for simple, easy-to-use quality control systems for radiochemical purity measurements.

Hence, LabLogic has put together an affordable QC package that can be controlled by our GxP compliant Laura software.

The system is specifically designed for routine QC work in the Nuclear Medicine/PET field and consists of:

Mini Scan TLC Scanner - a versatile radiochromatogram TLC scanner for the detection of radioisotopes on narrow strips and plates:

Routine control of 18F, 99mTc, 123I, 131I radiopharmaceuticals

TLC of radiopharmaceuticals for radiochemical purity measurement

In-process TLC analysis of reaction mixtures

Range of detectors to suit many applications

Easily adaptable for dual use as an HPLC detection system

Flow-CountTM - low cost radio HPLC flow-through detector for all isotopes:

Low cost, maximum flexibility

Compatible with all chromatography data systems

Disposable, user prepared flow cells

Detect gamma, positron and high energy beta emitters

Interchangeable detectors cover count range 102 - 2.1012

Remote operation up to 12 feet away, therefore easy to shield in high activity areas

Laura3TM -comprehensive chromatography data collection and analysis package:

Real time display of data acquisition

Easy to use - intuitive

Powerful evaluation and reporting facilities

FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance for electronic signatures

GxP compliant with complete Audit Trail

Integrated GxP test routines

For more information on this range, please contact Elvir Zahirovic (e-mail: ezahirovic@lablogic.com).

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