LC-ARC system sets the standard for high sensitivity on-line" metabolite profiling"

13 May 2004

Lablogic are pleased to announce that we are about to complete installation of the 6th LC-ARC system in Europe. A number of major pharmaceutical companies and CROs are already using this technology for ultra-high sensitivity metabolite profiling.

The LC-ARC system removes the need for fraction collecting, either into vials or 96-well plates. By stopping the HPLC flow, the system allows holding of “fractions” for longer periods of time in the detector flow cell. This provides improved sensitivity and accuracy.

Our latest sale confirms that LC-ARC is now firmly established as a valuable tool for the metabolism laboratory.

Comments from customers:

'The LC-ARC system has solved many problems we encountered with metabolite profiling in the past. We now have no requirements for drying 96 well plates, so we can analyse more samples in one batch.'

'We have found that we can accurately detect down to 30 dpm of 14C in a peak, giving us 10-12 times better sensitivity than a conventional flow detector. We are consequently injecting less onto the column and this has a number of advantages for us.'

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