Announcing the release of Debra 5.5.7

2 November 2004

We are pleased to announce the release of Debra 5.5.7, which contains a number of enhancements since Debra 5.5.4 that add to the functionality and usability of Debra. These include:

Improved manipulation of sample ordering in study set up and reporting

Addition of dosing syringe and dose preparation flask barcodes

Ability to design purely labelled or purely unlabelled dosing treatments

Calculation of SD and %CV between treatment flasks

Oxidiser efficiency can now be calculated based on dpm/g

Introduction of a facility that displays the exact step-by-step data that Debra uses when performing sampling data calculations

Improved graphing functions, including the ability to show individual and mean data on graphs and standard deviation bars

Improved audit trail filtering

Addition of the ± symbol to reports for reporting means and standard deviations

Document Management System updated to be compatible with Word XP/2003

Upgrades of Debra are now recorded in the audit trail

Support of Pharsight's WinNonLin version added

Statistics added to dosing and sampling data reports

Option to calculate total recovery based on total dpm recovered, instead of total dpm applied

Implementation of configurable report headers

Enhanced performance when running calculations and when generating Sampling Data Reports and Summary Tables

For further information on changes within Debra 5.5.7 or any other queries please contact support email

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