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Unique high sensitivity with the Logi-CHROM LightGuide flow cell

19 November 2020

Get optimized signal to noise ratio with Logi-CHROM, click to read.

The Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader is the instrument of choice at the University of Bristol

17 November 2020

The Hidex Sense multi-mode microplate reader is the instrument of choice at at the University of Bristol. Click to find out more.

Taking PETra to Trondheim: a brand new PET facility at St. Olavs Hospital

10 November 2020

St. Olavs set up a new PET production facility in 2018, click to read about how they use PETra. 

An updated COVID-19 message from our UK offices

6 November 2020

In line with the new government guidance, please see our updated message. 

Safeguard your radiochromatography data in Laura for PET

5 November 2020

Laura for PET radiochromatography software has secure data storage, click to read more about its features.

Learn more about the Scan-RAM MCA radio-TLC scanner

29 October 2020

The Scan-RAM MCA provides accurate results for both radiochemical purity and radionuclidic identity tests, click to watch our video and book a demo. 

Superior radioactive wipe tests using LabWipes

26 October 2020

Achieve 4π counting efficiency with LabWipes, place an order now. 


21 October 2020

If you're attending EANM this year, make sure to visit MOLECUBES' virtual booth, click to find out more.

Enhanced dynamic range with the Hidex Sense

15 October 2020

The Hidex Sense has always had a dynamic range for each well, click to read in more detail.

Book a virtual one-to-one demo with LabLogic

14 October 2020

Don't miss out on a one-to-one demo, book a session now. 

Hidex e-book: Liquid Scintillation Measuring Procedures

13 October 2020

Stay up to date with the latest developments in liquid scintillation counting, click to read the e-book. 

LabLogic announces partnership with Hull Molecular Imaging Research Center (MIRC)

8 October 2020

LabLogic to supply Hull Molecular Imaging Research Center with PET QC solution including Tracer-QC, click to read more.

Your solution to ensuring data integrity for on-line radio detection

7 October 2020

The combination of the Beta-RAM 6 and Laura software provides many tools for regulatory compliance, click to read. 

Why choose LabLogic as your UK LIMS provider

30 September 2020

LabLogic has many years of experience developing LIMS packages used in highly-regulated environments. Click to read more about SPECTra. 

Webinar: In vivo lung imaging biomarkers: evaluating Covid-19 with µCT

24 September 2020

Sign up to Molecubes' webinar about evaluating imaging biomarkers in covid-19 preclinical studies using the X-CUBE.

One instrument for alpha, beta and gamma therapy drugs

17 September 2020

One instrument for alpha, beta and gamma therapy drugs, learn more about the Hidex Triathler here. 

Video: The world's most compact absorbance plate reader

15 September 2020

The Absorbance 96 is the world's most compact absorbance reader, click to watch the video introduction. 

LabLogic launches PETra PET LIMS Advisory Committee

15 September 2020

LabLogic has launched a new committee to drive forward the development of PETra collaboratively with key users, click to find out more. 

How to oxidize your samples with confidence

9 September 2020

The Hidex 600 OX Oxidizer is an automated catalytic combustion system used for the preparation of various sample types. Click to find out more. 

Webinar recording: Automated PET-QC testing with Tracer-QC

8 September 2020

Click here to catch up on the Tracer-QC webinar.

Try the zenCELL owl cell imager in your lab

8 September 2020

Easily arrange a remote demo and try the zenCELL owl cell imager, click to book. 

Hidex 600 SL used in a 21 CFR part 11 compliant manner

3 September 2020

The Hidex 600 SL can now be used with Laura software, click to read more. 

Did you miss the PETra PET LIMS webinar series?

27 August 2020

Catch up now on the six-part PETra PET LIMS webinar series.

Webinar: Time-Lapse Microscopy of Spheroids with zenCELL owl

26 August 2020

Learn more about the zenCELL owl microscope in an upcoming webinar, click to sign up.

Interested in learning more about performing eFate/soil studies in Debra?

20 August 2020

Debra LIMS for eFate Webinar: Register your interest.

Learn more about the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter in a remote demo

19 August 2020

Learn more about the Hidex Automatic Gamma Counter in a remote demo, click here to arrange. 

(Video) See what's new in Laura

13 August 2020

We have added new features to Laura radiochromatography software, click to watch the video.

(Video) Changing what's possible in live cell assays with Livecyte

11 August 2020

See key applications and measurements available from every Livecyte experiment in the latest video from Phasefocus, click to watch.

How-to video: Hidex 300 SL wipe testing

6 August 2020

Watch our new video demonstrating the most common application used for the Hidex 300 SL - wipe testing.

Sign up for our Tracer-QC webinar

4 August 2020

Don't miss our upcoming webinar about Tracer-QC, sign up here.

Tracerco Webinar: Ensuring personal safety with simple radiation dose management

29 July 2020

Sign up to Tracerco's upcoming webinar now

Supplying a PET QC solution in Costa Rica

23 July 2020

The solution included LabLogic’s latest variant from the Scan-RAM range, click to find out more.

LabLogic pays condolences after Russ Sykes passes away

20 July 2020

LabLogic is saddened to report the recent death of Russ Sykes, former Sales Director at LabLogic Systems Ltd and VP of Sales at Lablogic Systems Inc (formerly IN/US Systems).

(App note) Automatic cell counting using InCellis

15 July 2020

See the new app note from Bertin using the Total Cell Counting App for rapidly calculating live and dead cells. 

Register your interest for the Karl 100 webinar

7 July 2020

Learn more about the Karl 100 multi-dose administration system in an upcoming webinar, click to register your interest. 

We're hosting a PETra LIMS Webinar Series

18 June 2020

We're hosting a Mini Webinar series about PETra, our industry-standard PET LIMS solution, click to sign up. 

Discover the smallest plate reader on the market

18 June 2020

We're now working with Byonoy, manufacturer of the Absorbance 96 plate reader, click to read more.

How does the Beta-RAM 6 aid method development?

11 June 2020

The Beta-RAM 6 uses unique technology to aid method development for researchers, click to find out more. 

PETra is the go-to LIMS in Europe

10 June 2020

The University Hospital of Umeå is the latest PET facility in Europe to invest in PETra, read the full announcement. 

Developing Novel Radiation Detectors for Oil-Well Logging with the University of Sheffield

8 June 2020

Developing novel radiation detectors for oil-well logging with the University of Sheffield. Read the full article. 

Debra – A LIMS for ADME and Beyond

2 June 2020

Read an in-depth analysis of Debra, LabLogic's purpose built LIMS designed specifically to manage the entire life cycle of a range of drug and environmental metabolism studies, click to find out more. 

Webinar: Learn more about InCellis and our new cell imaging systems

19 May 2020

Learn more about InCellis and our new cell imaging systems in a webinar, click to sign up. 

Mini Webinar Series: Cell Proliferation & Growth with Livecyte

18 May 2020

Sign up to the Cell Proliferation & Growth webinar with Phasefocus. 

A COVID-19 update from the LabLogic Group

15 May 2020

A COVID-19 update from the LabLogic Group - please click to read. 

Experience UPenn's 3 years of β- and X-CUBE imaging with MOLECUBES

6 May 2020

Register for the UPENN webinar here

Decades of experience and expertise: LabLogic turns 40

5 May 2020

Decades of experience and expertise: LabLogic turns 40. Find out about the history of the company celebrating its 40th birthday

Watch the new demonstration of the Scan-RAM range

21 April 2020

Click here to watch the latest video from LabLogic showcasing the Scan-RAM radio-TLC range. 

Mini Webinar Series: Learn more about the Livecyte system

20 April 2020

Sign up to a mini webinar series about the Livecyte cell analysis system by Phasefocus. Click to sign up. 

Studying #COVID19 around the world using the Hidex Sense microplate reader

2 April 2020

The Hidex Sense microplate reader has been used around the world to study COVID-19. Click to read more. 

LabLogic Group shortlisted for Made in Sheffield Awards

26 March 2020

LabLogic has been shortlisted for four Made in Sheffield manufacturing awards. Click to find out more.

NEW: Calendar View in PETra PET LIMS

25 March 2020

Check out LabLogic’s latest development of PETra, our market leading PET LIMS software. Find out more here. 

A message from the LabLogic Group about COVID-19

24 March 2020

Click to read the latest update from LabLogic about COVID-19.

Ed Rapkin, the founder of LabLogic Systems Inc, passes away

23 March 2020

We are saddened to learn about the death of Ed Rapkin, founder of LabLogic Systems Inc. 

LabLogic announces new partnership with Phasefocus

23 March 2020

LabLogic is pleased to announce a new partnership with Phasefocus, click to read more. 

Serving South America: LabLogic supplies PET QC solution in Peru

12 March 2020

LabLogic has completed a deal to supply a PET QC solution to a new PET facility in Peru, South America. Click to find out more.

POSTPONED - LabLogic Radiopharmacy Open Day Monday 16th March

11 March 2020

LabLogic's Radiopharmacy Open Day on Monday 16th March has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

First US install of Hidex Q-ARE 100

5 March 2020

The FDA has chosen the Hidex Q-ARE automated radionuclide extraction system. Click to find out why. 

Ensure data integrity with Logi-CHROM HPLC Series

27 February 2020

Find out how to ensure your data integrity with Logi-CHROM HPLC Series. Click here to read more. 

New generation Hidex liquid scintillation counters with improved temperature control

25 February 2020

Hidex's new generation 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters provide improved temperature control. Find out more here.

SPECTra chosen by four UK facilities

14 February 2020

SPECTra has been chosen by four UK SPECT facilities. Click to find out more. 

Introducing the zenCELL owl live cell imager

13 February 2020

LabLogic now offer the zenCELL owl, a 24-camera microscope for fast and automated live cell microscopy. Find out more. 

New Amsterdam facility chooses PETra PET LIMS

5 February 2020

BV Cyclotron VU in Amsterdam is the latest to choose PETra as its PET Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Find out more here.

Perform different assays with ease using the Hidex Sense microplate reader

28 January 2020

Debbie Fischer and the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at the University of Manchester are the new owners of the Hidex Sense microplate reader. Find out more. 

A new generation of liquid scintillation counting for A/B separation

28 January 2020

Hidex's new generation 300 SL and 600 SL liquid scintillation counters provide high resolution A/B separation. Click to read more. 

Tracer-QC to be installed in leading NY-based cancer center

22 January 2020

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), one of the world’s largest cancer centers will use the Tracer-QC to improve quality control of F-18 based radiotracers. Find out more. 

WATCH: live cell imaging with the InCellis

16 January 2020

The InCellis cell imager from Bertin Instruments provides high-quality cell imaging in real-time. Click to watch.

LabLogic and Southern Scientific named European Distributor of the Year 2019 by Tracerco

15 January 2020

LabLogic and Southern Scientific named European Distributor of the Year 2019 by Tracerco. Click to read the full article. 

Future-proofing your radiopharmacy: the importance of integration

9 January 2020

SPECTra and PETra LIMS packages directly interface with a comprehensive range of QC equipment. Read more here