Introducing Sara - a new LIMS for soil metabolism studies

11 February 2005

LabLogic Systems has introduced an off-the-shelf LIMS for soil metabolism residue studies in the environmental and agrochemical industries.

A 32-bit Windows-based application running on an Oracle client/server platform and fully CFR Part 11 / GLP-compliant, Sara is an extension of the company's Debra LIMS, the industry-standard for drug metabolism studies.

Amongst the facilities specific to soil tests are: system configuration of soil testing, including water holding capacity at different pressures; pre- study analysis of moisture content; dispensing of soil test systems based on the weight equivalent of the soil; and measurement and adjustment of the moisture content of the Test System throughout the course of the study, including the ability to check for items not measured over the past 24 hours.

The need for data transcription and calculation - and the consequent risk of errors is eliminated by managing the preparation and confirmation of dosing solutions, and all dosing and sample collection steps. Raw data is captured directly from the instrument, or via the sample result data files of the analytical instrumentation systems.

For ease of use, Sara's unique document management system integrates tables, graphs and text into final report templates through an automated link to Microsoft Word.

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