Laura has everything under control

19 April 2005

LabLogic has broadened the capability of its radio chromatography data system, Laura 3, so that it can control the entire HPLC system rather than just the radio detector.

Introduced with Laura 3.3, the development frees users from the inconvenience of having different software for system components such as pumps, autosamplers, column switching, column ovens, UV detectors and diode array detectors.

Instead, everything is controlled using Laura's simple Method Wizard, which provides a seamless link between instrument control and data collection for the entire system and thereby eliminates the need for validating both HPLC and radio-detector software.

Laura can now function on a needs basis with any system anywhere in the lab, recognising, for example, serial numbers for GLP compliance, detecting which modules of a system are switched on, and including such information in study method reports.

Because the enhancement has been tailored to suit a wide range of users, systems and preferences, it can interface with hardware from all major manufacturers, including (in alphabetical order) Agilent, Berthold, Bioscan, IN/US, Jasco, Knauer, Perkin Elmer/Packard and Shimadzu.

It also allows the import of legacy radio-chromatography data from LabChrom, Laura 1.x, NScan, RaChel, ScintFlow, WinScan, Flo-One and RadioStar.

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