Supersensitive new tool cuts out fraction collection

4 April 2005

LC-ARC from AIM Research is a new radio-isotope counting system for pharmaceutical, agrochemical and environmental HPLC studies that eliminates fraction collection and allows on-line detection of low-level peaks.

Used in conjunction with a conventional radio LC detector, LC-ARC (Liquid Chromatography - Accurate Radio-isotope Counting) employs StopFlow technology to increase sensitivity by 20 times or more, reliably detecting 10-20dpm peaks of 14C or 3H for complex matrices such as animal, plant and soil samples.

It is programmed to stop the flow at set intervals to count a pre-defined peak, or to count when a peak is detected - a one-step process that avoids the sequence of time-consuming and potentially hazardous procedures necessary for off-line liquid scintillation counting.

As well as achieving lower background, higher sensitivity and sharper peak resolution, LC-ARC has other benefits not available with other methods, such as accurate quantification of volatile metabolites/degradates, accurate column recovery, advanced data evaluation and reporting without any manual operations.

Where necessary, the outgoing flow from the HPLC column can be split between the radio detector and a mass spectrometer to allow simultaneous profiling and identification of radio-labelled compounds.

The whole process can be set up to run overnight, freeing laboratory manpower for other, more demanding tasks.

LC-ARC is available in Europe from LabLogic Systems, which has already supplied the product to four companies in the UK and Denmark.

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