Digital imager slashes tritium imaging time

27 May 2005

The Biospace Beta Imager 2000, available in the UK from LabLogic, is a unique digital system for auto-radiography that cuts tritium imaging time from weeks to hours.

Up to 500 times faster than film, the Beta Imager™ offers unsurpassed performance and sensitivity, recording every beta particle and generating accurate images on screen in real time at very low levels of radioactivity. The detection threshold for tritium is just 0.007cpm/mm2.

Real time imaging avoids the risk of under- or over-exposure and displays the current status of the image. Data capture is cumulative, allowing specific time-frames to be selected.

Recent enhancements to the software supplied with the system include an optical zoom function that achieves spatial resolution down to 50µm at the lowest position; and an exclusive dual labelling capability that simultaneously detects tritium and another isotope of different energy in the same sample.

Suitable for tritium detection in samples up to 20cm by 20cm, the Beta Imager™ also detects 14C, 32P, 35S and 125I. Sample formats that can be accommodated include electrophoresis gels or membranes, hybridization membranes, tissue sections on glass slides, TLC plates, whole body and any tissue sections.

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