Updated drug metabolism LIMS is faster, flexible - and paper-free

22 September 2005

An 'electronic lab notebook' facility, greater interchangeability of data and less time spent on standard tasks are among the benefits offered by the new release of Debra 5.6, the leading Drug Metabolism LIMS from LabLogic Systems.<.p>

Extra user-configurable fields and additional comments on each screen of the protocol definition allow users to record observations and notes within Debra rather than on paper. This means, for example, that all information on a Study Protocol can be recorded directly in the LIMS.

Other examples include the design and preparation of dose vehicle formulations. All data can now be captured online, making formulations more accurate and consistent - and they can be reviewed online by study directors and QA.

Data can now be exchanged much more freely between Debra and other applications. Examples include LabLogic's Laura 3.3 radiochromatography system - to which sample batches can be exported, and then re-imported as evaluated chromatograms; and SeeScan for whole body autoradiography, where a bi-directional link eliminates the need for duplication of project protocols.

Other new time-savers include a visual means of defining sparse sampling - especially useful where time-points are defined by subject; cloning of treatment methods within a study; improved graphing tools for producing reports; and calculation of statistics on sampling data and dosing reports, avoiding the need to export data to Excel.

To upgrade to or obtain a presentation of Debra 5.6 please contact support@lablogic.com.

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