LabLogic takes the honours in PET studies

4 November 2005

All five of the clinical and research PET centres currently operating in the UK are using radio-chromatography software or instruments from LabLogic Systems.

For data collection and analysis most have Laura 3, which interfaces directly to radio-detectors and has features ideal for PET work, such as algorithms that correct for the rapid decay of the isotopes used.

As the stringent controls that are already mandatory in pharmaceutical research are applied to PET studies, increasing value is being attached to Laura's security and audit trail facilities and compliance with GLP / 21 CFR Part 11.

Especially crucial is the need to ensure the purity of radio-pharmaceuticals, for which centres are using LabLogic's Mini-Scan TLC scanner or Flow-Count radio HPLC detector.

The speed, simplicity and accuracy with which PET can diagnose cancers and other conditions and track the progress of treatment has impressed the UK government, which sees it as a valuable ally in the struggle to contain NHS clinical costs in the face of ever-rising demand. From just 10 PET imagers in the whole of the country today, it is hoped that there will be one in every hospital within the next decade.

LabLogic has been involved since the experimental beginnings of the technique in the 1990s, and its PET business has grown significantly over the last five years.

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