New radio HPLC detector is GLP-compliant

15 November 2005

A flowcell identification system to meet GLP requirements is one of the features of the new Model 4 Beta-RAM on-line radio HPLC flow-through detector from LabLogic Systems.

Also new is a sensor that prevents over-pressure build-up by tripping out above a pre-set point, displaying a flow error message and relaying a signal that can be used to shut down the mobile phase flow and/or bypass the detector.

Already noted for its compactness, the Beta-RAM is smaller than ever in its Model 4 version. At 152 x 348 x 330 mm, the vertical cabinet occupies only a third of the bench space needed by detectors from other leading manufacturers.

The Beta RAM uses high-specification 1' photomultiplier tubes to provide the best counting efficiency combined with the lowest background, which collectively provide the best signal-to-noise ratio currently available.

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