Flow-through detector for all radio-HPLC isotopes

12 April 2006

LabLogic's Flow-Count is a compact radio-HPLC flow-through monitor with unique remotely operated detectors that gives maximum flexibility and accuracy at minimum cost.

As well as eliminating the need for fraction collecting and scintillation counting, it offers a wide range of count rate, shielding and detection configurations in a single system that can operate remotely up to 12 feet away from the base unit.

At just 36 x 24 x 6cm, it will fit wherever it is needed - in the hood, ‘hot cell’, or close to a UV detector on a crowded laboratory bench - and is easy to shield in high activity areas.

Flow-Count's analogue data output is compatible with chart recorders, integrators and computer-based chromatography data systems - or can be used with LabLogic's own Laura program for enhanced analysis and reporting facilities.

It detects gamma, positron and high energy beta emitters (32P, and above) and is compatible with six interchangeable detectors measuring activity levels from 102 to 2x1012.

A version for coincidence detection is available - particularly useful for measuring low activity levels, such as metabolites labelled with PET radioisotopes with high sensitivity and low background interference.

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