Free source calibration certificate for radiation monitors

13 April 2006

LabLogic Systems is offering a free source calibration certificate worth £49 to purchasers of its radiation contamination monitors until the end of April 2006.

The Geiger Muller-based Rad Monitor GM1 is a general-purpose monitor for 14C, 32P, 33P and 35S.

Its GM tube detector has a 28.5mm (1.125 inches) total effective area and a window thickness of 1.5-2.0 mg/cm2, with a unique thin screen that protects the end window and an 86% open area.

Model GM2 has the same specification but with a larger end window (45mm / 1.75 inches) that makes it ideal for detecting soft beta emitters such as 14C and 35S on hands, clothing, and benchtops.

The variant version GM2-P, designed for monitoring surfaces, has a pancake probe, a rubberized grip handle and a large diameter GM tube mounted at a slight angle.

Completing the range is the sodium iodide crystal-based Rad Monitor SD10, which has a high sensitivity scintillation probe that gives superior performance compared with GM instruments for detecting 125I and 32P.

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