Easy payment option makes radio TLC scanner affordable

19 May 2006

Making staged payments is one way that radio-pharmacy QC personnel hampered by capital spending limits can enjoy the benefits of the Mini-Scan radio TLC scanner from LabLogic Systems sooner rather than later.

Safer than the hazardous business of cutting and scraping radio-active materials, the Mini-Scan analyses samples faster and gives more accurate results - for as little as a few hundred pounds a month.

Equally suitable for routine purity checks of radiopharmaceuticals and in-process analysis of reaction mixtures, it can detect all the isotopes commonly used in nuclear medicine, radiopharmacy and PET centres. It accepts up to six different detectors to enable detection from 32P up to 99mTc, 18F and a wide range others.

Adding still further to the Mini-Scan's flexibility are variable scan speeds (0.1, 0.25, 1.0, 2.0 mm/sec) that allow a 5 x 20cm plate to be analyzed in as little as 100 seconds, for analysis of activities from 10nCi up to 100 µCi.

The digital pulse output makes the Mini-Scan system easy to interface to LabLogic's Laura 3.4 radio-chromatography data collection and analysis software, which is fully GMP- and Part 11-compliant.

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