ADME and RC analysis software updates on show at October meetings

19 September 2006

LabLogic Systems will be demonstrating new releases of its headline software packages at meetings of the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics (Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 22-26 October 2006) and the American Association of Pharmeceutical Scientists (San Antonio, Texas 29 October - 2 November).

New features in the 3.4 version of Laura, the company's radio-chromatography data collection and analysis system, include a completely new regression analysis module and further improvements to HPLC system control, document management and summary table reporting.

Laura can now control all the equipment in an ever-growing list of LC systems from all major manufacturers. Most recent additions are Agilent's 1200 Series and the Series 200 from PerkinElmer.

The last twelve months has also seen the release of Debra 5.6, where extra user-configurable fields and additional comments on each screen of the protocol definition allow users to record observations and notes within the system rather than on paper.

Other new time-savers include a visual means of defining sparse sampling - especially useful where time-points are defined by subject;

cloning of treatment methods within a study; improved graphing tools for producing reports; and calculation of statistics on sampling data and dosing reports.

Data can now be exchanged much more freely between Debra and Laura, and with other applications. For example, LabLogic recently signed a co-operation agreement with Pharsight Corporation that allows time-concentration data in Debra to be selected and exported automatically to WinNonlin for analysis without infringing Part 11/GLP compliance.

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