Agreement integrates Debra and WinNonlin

4 September 2006

LabLogic Systems has signed a co-operation agreement with Pharsight Corporation to enhance the link between its drug metabolism LIMS Debra and Pharsight's WinNonlin software for pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and non-compartmental analysis.

The use of WinNonlin's Automation Application Programming Interface (API) in Debra 5.6.3 means that users of both systems can select time-concentration data in Debra and export it to WinNonlin for analysis without infringing Part 11/GLP compliance.

WinNonlin is launched with a single key press, transferring the chosen data automatically and avoiding the transcription errors that easily occur when copying and pasting between systems.

'Many of our customers have asked for a tool to integrate Debra seamlessly with other pharmacokinetic data analysis systems', said LabLogic systems director Huw Loaring.

'Working closely with Pharsight ensures our mutual clients get a compliant, integrated solution without the need for manual manipulation of data outside our applications.'

Dan Weiner, vice president and general manager of scientific software products at Pharsight, described the collaboration as 'evidence of our commitment to continually improve the functionality and quality of our products for the benefit of customers'.

'Interoperability with LabLogic's Debra frees users from the tedium of moving data around and allows them to focus on their science,' he said.

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