New radio-chemical enhancement captures low-level peaks

2 November 2006

New hardware and software from LabLogic Systems make it possible for chemists working in drug metabolism to achieve detection results up to ten times better than conventional LC flow-through methods.

The SoFie system, which consists of a specially developed pump controlled by an optional module in the company's Laura data analysis software, uses the stop-flow technique to increase the dwell time of the analytes in the detector flow cell.

Prolonging peak measurement time in this way extends the detector's Limits of Detection down to levels of radioactivity that were previously unmeasurable.

SoFie can be 'bolted on' to a conventional HPLC system, immediately converting it into a stop-flow analysis package with no change in method parameters.

The hardware and software for SoFie can be purchased together as a system, or independently. This caters for the needs of those who already use Laura for other applications, and for those who have a stop-flow system from another manufacturer.

LabLogic's ongoing technical support is available in all cases.

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