Microplate reader can be just the way you want it

2 February 2007

Flow-through radiochemical detection specialist LabLogic Systems has acquired the business of Permandec, a UK-based distributor of scintillation cocktails.

Purchasers of the Plate Chameleon V microplate reader from LabLogic Systems can chose a version of the instrument that exactly meets their needs.

Applications include liquid scintillation counting, luminescence, fluorescence intensity, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarisation and absorbance. All are available individually or in combination, and the original specification can be expanded through subsequent upgrades.

The Mark V version has been improved in all modes, including reduction of cross-talk during LSC and luminescence measurements.

It has built-in injectors and 20 pre-programmable filters in easy-to-change slides and can detect up to 384 well plates in all modes.

Fluorescence detection wavelength range is now up to 850nm.

Sensitivity is the highest available in all detection modes: TRF sensitivity down to 5 amol Eu/well under optimised measurement conditions; a luminescence detection limit less than 1 amol ATP/well; and LSC efficiency above 50 per cent for H-3.

A new plate insert position and a lid that opens automatically ensures that the reader is readily accessible by most robotic arms.

With a footprint only slightly bigger than a laptop, the Plate Chameleon fits in almost everywhere and is easy to transport. For maximum convenience, it can be controlled from its own keypad or from a PC.

For reader control, MS Windows-based MikroWin 2000 Lite software is supplied as standard. It allows online viewing of wells during kinetic measurements, flexible data evaluation such as curve fitting, and printing out of LSC spectrum and TRF decay curves. Other control options are MS Excel or another compatible data reduction program, if preferred.

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