'Pick 'n' mix' log-in options are simple and secure

15 February 2007

LabLogic Systems has introduced an LDAP-compliant feature into all of its LIMS and chromatography software to give users a wide choice of log-in procedures without prejudicing security.

The options being offered allow maximum flexibility to accommodate the standards operated by individual companies.

For example, the Windows Username option automatically enters the Windows username into the log-in dialog, but also requires the user to enter a password;

Windows Authentication uses the currently logged-in username and does not require password entry, except for electronic signatures;

and Windows Password requires entry of both the user's Windows username and Windows password.

The default option of using the application-specific username and password to gain access is still available, and there is also the possibility of using the same username and password across all LabLogic’s programs instead of having to remember a different combination for each.

“Many customers have been asking for an LDAP compliant solution to their username and password headaches, so we are glad to be able to offer a suitable solution”, said Huw Loaring, LabLogic’s systems director.

“If users wish to share the same username and password across all of our software, a password changed in one application is automatically updated for all. On the other hand many companies prefer to use their Windows log-in across all applications, so we have given the administrator of the application the ability to set this as a rule too.”

The log-in options are available with the latest release of LabLogic’s applications: the drug metabolism LIMS Debra;

Laura, for chromatography data collection and analysis;

STacy (sample tracking);

SeeScan (whole body image analysis);

and Jane (LSC data capture, manipulation and reporting).

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