Company's success is Made In Sheffield

8 August 2007

Broomhill-based LabLogic Systems has joined the ranks of companies allowed to display the 'Made In Sheffield' mark on their products.

The inclusion of the firm, which supplies specialist software and equipment for drug research, is a new departure for the scheme, which is dominated by companies in edge tool manufacture.

Despite its unusual line of business, LabLogic had no trouble in meeting the three criteria set for use of the Mark. It has been in the city since it started in 1980; most of its products are made here; and it is committed to high quality, as demonstrated by its ISO 9001 quality management system and compliance with the stringent standards set by the USA's Food and Drug Administration.

Started as a two-man concern, the company now has a workforce of more than two dozen people developing, selling and servicing its products, 70% of which are exported.

LabLogic software and instruments are used by eighteen of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and by others in agrochemicals, contract research, hospitals and universities. Its main markets are in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe, but it has recently gained a foothold in Japan and is currently investigating the potential of the pharmaceutical market in India. In 2005 the company won the Export Excellence category of the Sheffield Business Awards.

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