Vendor validation gets software up and running faster

14 August 2007

Validating the latest version of a software system can cost an organisation a considerable amount of staff time - but not upgrading can mean losing out on the earning capacity represented by the new features on offer.

The documentation necessary to fulfil IT and QA requirements for an upgrade can occupy literally months that could be devoted to tasks that show a faster return; and the implications are even greater if the system is being installed for the first time.

Very often the slow rate of progress can be accounted for by the sheer unfamiliarity of the task, especially if there are staff or corporate changes in the course of the project; so it makes sense to call in the people who know what needs to be done because they have done it before - the originators of the software.

One company with considerable experience in this area is pharmaceutical drug metabolism development software specialist LabLogic Systems, whose validation services are designed to achieve implementation smoothly and in the quickest possible time.

Detailed scripts can be provided for all new functionality and bespoke testing can be prepared using the customer’s own study data. All work is carried out in accordance with the customers’ corporate standards, significantly reducing the burden on staff during the validation process.

Much of the validation team's current work is for Debra 5.6.3, the latest release of LabLogic's LIMS for drug metabolism studies. More than half of customers with earlier versions have already upgraded to Debra 5.5 or higher, gaining the benefits of enhancements and new modules such as splitting and pooling of samples, incorporation of metabolite profiling results, improved treatment and dosing modules and a revised Document Management System.

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