End-of-year offers give life labs extra value

22 February 2008

LabLogic Systems is making a range of special offers until 31 March that will help UK Life Sciences laboratories squeeze the last drop of value out of their budgets as the end of the financial year looms.

Purchasers of the Chameleon V microplate reader, for example, can upgrade free of charge to the next specification level, or choose from a range of extras such as temperature control or injectors. Functions include Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence, Time-resolved Fluorescence, Fluorescence Polarisation and Liquid Scintillation Counting.

The Triathler portable Liquid Scintillation Counter, Luminometer and Gamma Counter is on offer with a similar free upgrade, or a set of external standards matched to the customer's calibration needs. Compact and easy to use, Triathler has no internal radioactive source and is therefore intrinsically safe.

Of particular interest to nuclear medicine departments and PET facilities is the free offer on the MiniScan TLC Scanner, for which buyers can take a step up to the fully GxP-compliant Laura 4 radiochromatography data collection and analysis software, or choose an extra detector such as the FC3600 to broaden the instrument’s versatility.

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