PET centres choose LabLogic for radiopharmaceutical QA

6 February 2008

Instrumentation from LabLogic Systems is the overwhelming choice for quality control of radiopharmaceuticals at the growing number of PET centres across the UK.

More than 95% of the centres are using the company's equipment. Amongst them is the Northern Ireland PET Institute at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, which has a FlowCount radio-HPLC flow-through monitor and MiniScan TLC scanner with Laura data collection and analysis software.

"We chose LabLogic's instruments because of their reliability and for their after sales support, which we have heard a lot about from our colleagues at other centres,"’ said Dr Gary O’Hara, Head of the Radiopharmacy Department.

The Institute carries out around 1,500 scans a year, mainly for clinical investigations and some research projects. Nationally, the number of scans carried out by NHS PET Centres is expected to rise to 40,000 a year by 2008, boosted by a recent Government investment of £20m.

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