Low level counting system is up and running

28 April 2008

LabLogic Systems reports a good first year for the uptake of SoFie, its new system for counting low activity samples. Nine units have already been installed in radio-chemical laboratories in the UK, Canada, USA, Finland and Holland.

A faster and less costly alternative to liquid scintillation counting for the radiochemical measurement of low level radionuclides, SoFie optimises the residence time of the analytes in the detector flow cell, extending Limits of Detection to include levels of radioactivity previously thought to be unmeasurable. It is controlled by an optional module in the company's Laura data analysis software.

SoFie can be operated in-line with a conventional HPLC system, immediately converting it into a stop flow analysis package with no change in chromatography method parameters.

Commenting on the success of the product, LabLogic's radiochromatography product manager Keith Hall said, "We have chromatograms from a real analysis that show the dramatic improvement in peak definition when SoFie is introduced into a system, but most customers make the decision to purchase when they see it used on their own data."

On-site demonstrations can be arranged by contacting LabLogic on solutions@lablogic.com.

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