ADME LIMS suitable for unlabelled compound data

5 September 2008

Millennium Pharmaceuticals of Cambridge, Massachusetts is the latest company to install LabLogic’s Debra LIMS.

The oncology and inflammation specialist will be dosing cold, unlabelled compounds and making particular use of Debra's facilities for designing and preparing formulations, dosing, and collecting sample times. Protocol information including sample barcodes will be passed to Thermo’s Watson LIMS, and concentration data imported back to Debra.

As part of the implementation, LabLogic has introduced a new treatment method that has features for cassette dosing of multiple compounds. Improvements have also been made to simplify dosing of subjects by volume, and a new report has been added to summarise all clinical observations made in a study.

“We needed to replace an in-house program to manage the in-life group performing our bioanalytical studies,” said Millennium’s project manager, Csilla Csank. "After surveying the marketplace, we found that Debra was an affordable match with our requirements."

Huw Loaring, systems director at LabLogic, commented: "Like many of our customers today, Millennium will not be performing in-house the ADME radio-labelled studies that Debra was originally developed for; but, as they have found, it is sufficiently versatile to work with many different protocol types."

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