CRO chooses flexible LIMS user licence

29 September 2008

Kansas-based contract laboratory Xenometrics LLC is taking advantage of the new flexible licensing options available for Debra, LabLogic Systems' LIMS for non-clinical ADME studies.

The company has chosen concurrent user licensing, which limits the number of users that can work with Debra at any one time but allows everyone in the department to be trained to use and have access to the software on an as-needed basis.

Commenting on the arrangement, Xenometrics president Alfred Botchway said, "As a fast-growing company, we decided that we needed to get a LIMS to manage our ADME data and prove to our sponsors that we were serious about getting the best quality equipment and software to complement discovery/development testing processes. The introduction of concurrent user licensing allows us flexibility about how we implement the software within our labs."

Debra has been developed continuously by LabLogic for almost two decades in collaboration with pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies and CROs to become the industry standard LIMS for drug metabolism studies. The latest release (5.7) includes a new module for protein binding assays, and an enhancement to the dosing and sampling function that calculates, flags and reports percentage deviations from the theoretical time.

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