LabLogic meeting customers online

22 September 2008

LabLogic Systems, the UK-based nucleonic instrumentation and scientific software specialist, has introduced web conferencing as an additional means of maintaining dialogue with its customers.

As well as using it for online presentations about its instruments and demonstrations of its latest software releases, the company believes the facility will make its technical support service even more responsive.

"We have customers all over the world so good communications have always been imperative for us," says LabLogic systems director Huw Loaring.

"When the web and email became available they accelerated our response times dramatically compared to the telephone; now we have moved on even further, to online meetings with customers in mutually convenient real time that will help us to address issues even more expeditiously."

"Web conferencing means that we can see what customers have on their desktop, which makes it easier, for example, to talk them through a procedure they may not be familiar with, or to re-create and then resolve a problem they have been having."

"We see this as a supplement to our established channels of communication such as in-person visits and user group meetings, which will continue as appropriate," Huw added.

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