Get the best radio-HPLC detector for less

5 November 2008

If you want the radio-HPLC flow-through detector that the pharmaceutical industry prefers but at much less cost, the answer is a reconditioned Beta-RAM from LabLogic Systems.

The company is currently offering the Model 2 version of the detector for continuous measurement of low-level radioactivity in HPLC eluates (3H, 14C, 32P, and other β-emitters), fully refurbished with comprehensive technical support and a 12-month guarantee.

For controlling the system and collecting and analyzing data, LabLogic recommends its own Laura software package – another industry-standard product. Detector and software are both compatible with all current HPLC systems.

The Beta-RAM 2 has all of the radio-detector's essential features. Most importantly, its modern electronics and high-specification photo multiplier tubes enable detection of low-level radioactivity in large volumes of radionuclides without the use of scintillation cocktails.