LabLogic sweeps the board in PET and nuclear medicine radiopharmaceutical QC

26 August 2009

LabLogic's MiniScan radio TLC scanner and Laura radiochromatography software are products of choice in PET and nuclear medicine departments in Northern Ireland and Eire. The installation base exceeds even the company's leadership on the UK mainland, where it has more than 95% of the respective markets.

Product reliability and after sales support are the reasons most system operators give for their preference, along with LabLogic's ability to provide new and innovative systems for their application.

The company's new, PET-specific LIMS PETra™, for example, can be interfaced with all the equipment in a PET production facility - cyclotron, synthesis instruments, dose calibrator, balances, pH meter, etc. It produces a single batch report, saving time and reducing errors in the production of 18FDG and other PET radiopharmaceuticals.

This supersedes laborious and potentially inaccurate manual recording of essential information for all aspects of the process, from production set-up and material preparation through each stage of synthesis to final release of the product.

LabLogic also offers a number of options in detection hardware, all of which can be tailored to PET and nuclear medicine requirements. Included are the FlowCount radio-HPLC flow-through detector, MiniScan TLC scanner and the AR2000 imaging scanner all of which are compatible with LabLogic's radiochromatography software Laura.

In addition, LabLogic have teamed up with a number of other vendors to be able to provide the 'Total QC Solution' that includes all of the equipment required by PET/Nuclear Medicine facilities and departments, respectively.

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