Buy a counter, get a free radiation monitor

23 November 2009

Until the end of 2009, LabLogic Systems is offering a free Geiger Muller radiation contamination monitor complete with source calibration certificate with all orders for its Triathler portable LSC / luminometer / gamma counter.

The Triathler is a robust and compact single-well counter with simple one button operation, ideal for analyzing batches of around two dozen samples. It can accept all vial sizes, from Eppendorf tubes up to 20 ml capacity, and over the years has proved itself as an indispensible portable monitoring device for many Radiation Protection professionals and research scientists.

More than 1500 Triathlers have been sold and thoroughly tested world-wide since 1996 in all kinds of laboratories and under the most extreme of conditions, from deserts and jungles to ocean liners and oil rigs.

The free radiation monitor offer is for any one of the GM monitors for detecting 14C, 32P, 33P and 35S in LabLogic's range, all of which receive full technical support. The GM2 and GM2-P are particularly useful for checking hands, clothing, and bench-tops while the SD10 is suitable for monitoring of 125I , 32P and many others.

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