Radiation monitors come with free replacement probe

17 November 2009

Anyone who buys four or more Rad Monitor radiation contamination monitors from LabLogic Systems before the end of 2009 will receive a replacement probe completely free of charge.

"Rad Monitors are exceptionally robust, but probes inevitably get damaged sooner or later because of day-to-day wear and tear," says LabLogic sales executive Scott Baker. "The cost of replacing a probe runs into three figures, so this offer gives a worthwhile discount on the cost of buying the new monitors."

There are three Geiger Muller-based Rad Monitors available for detection of 14C, 32P, 33P and 35S: the general-purpose GM1, with a 28.5mm (1.125 inches) tube detector; the GM2, which has a larger end window (45mm / 1.75 inches); and the GM2-P for monitoring surfaces, with a pancake probe and a large diameter GM tube.

Completing the range is the high-sensitivity, sodium iodide crystal-based SD10, which has a scintillation probe for detecting X-Rays as well as Gamma emitters such as 125I and 99Tc.

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