Radiation monitor will find x-ray leaks

15 April 2010

Radiation protection personnel who need to check the integrity of shielding around an X-ray generator can rely on the SD10 Rad Monitor from LabLogic Systems to detect even the smallest degree of leakage.

The effectiveness of the monitor for this particular application has been confirmed by Trevor Moseley, radiation protection advisor at the University of Sheffield, who used it in tests to detect a range of X-rays in a narrow beam with energies from 8 to 50 keV generated by a 370 MBq Am-241 variable energy X-ray source.

"The SD10 has a high-sensitivity scintillation probe and while it is more commonly used for detection of contamination from low energy x-ray and gamma emitters, Trevor’s work has shown that it is equally suitable for investigating possible x-ray leaks," said LabLogic sales executive Scott Baker.

"If there is a leak, however small, you need to know about it, and a monitor as sensitive as the SD10 will find it for you."

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